Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday Musings

This is how I feel about rejection letters.  Let's all say it together:  Blaahhhhhh!
  1. Just seventeen days until the SCBWI Conference in LA! 
  2. I've put aside revisions for a while and am focusing on the WIP I researched and plotted last year.  I'm about 4,500 words in (about 10% done) and am loving the relationship that's developing between this girl and her grandmother.
  3. I just found out my XXth High School Reunion is coming up in October.  I.  Feel.  Old.
  4. The Boy and I saw The Deathly Hallows Part 2 on Friday.  I was blown away.  By far (IMO) the BEST movie of the series.  The Boy, however, still likes The Sorcerer's Stone best.  (I'm thinking it's because he's about the same age as Harry in that movie.)
  5. I'm trying to decide whether to read The Warrior Heir or The Emerald Atlas next.  Thoughts?


  1. BLAAHHHHH! *sticks out tongue*

    I have heard amazing things about The Emerald Atlas, though. :)

  2. So many good things. I'll be in LA, too.

  3. Thanks Miriam! I've now picked up Moon over Manifest, to add into the "what book to read" dilemma.

    Medeia, I'll look for you in LA! :)