Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Public Service Wednesday

If you haven't already heard of this website, check it out.  Search for your own name and see what info they're laying out for all to see.  I found myself listed with my age, my address, the value of my house (wrong), a photo of my house, members of my family.  And that's just what they show for FREE!!  For a small fee, you can 'join' their site and get people's income information, their credit scores, hobbies, etc. 

Worried yet?  Go to , search for yourself.  When your page comes up, copy the URL for your profile page.  Then click the 'privacy' link at the bottom of the spokeo page and follow the instructions to remove yourself.  Also, think about parents or grandparents who might not have access to the internet.  Remove them as well.  And pass this on!


  1. Thanks so much, Amy! I couldn't believe all the info they showed on us! I had to delete both Walter's and my name at two different addresses!