Friday, February 26, 2010


Playing along with Tess's blog, here's a snippet of my WIP.
After watching her dig in silence for a while, I realized two things. One, that red dirt was some of the hardest stuff I’d ever seen in my life. And two, Claudia had something in the pocket of her coat. Something she kept checking on.

“You want me to dig for a while?” I asked.

She shrugged and handed me the shovel. “I reckon if you’re gonna stand there, you might as well be useful.”

I took my place at the hole, stood hard on the shovel. It snapped back and hit me in the chest.

Claudia snorted. “Nice move, Poindexter.”

I tried again, stamping with just one foot and keeping the shovel well away from me. My shoulder muscles screamed but the shovel barely sank. I’d never dug a hole before; it looked so easy on TV.

“So, what’s in your pocket?” I asked.

Claudia’s head snapped up. “Who said there’s anything in my pocket?”

I didn’t look at her. “You keep checking it, whatever it is. I figure it must be important.” Another thought crossed my mind. “And, I figure you plan to bury it in this hole.”
She didn’t say anything for a while. Then she sighed. “Ok, Mr. Smartypants. Have it your way.” She pulled an Altoid tin out of her pocket and waved it under my nose. “This…” She paused and glanced around. “This is, like, my most bitchin’est thing in the whole world.”

I nodded. “Breath mints. Very cool.”

“No dufus.” She leaned close and I caught the scent of strawberries. “A book.”


  1. ah...but what kind of book? hmmm, very intriguing.

    well written, Amy. The characters jump right off the page and into my heart. of course, I already know that characterization is your thing. :D

  2. Thanks friends! Hope you both have a great weekend!

  3. Amy--Can I brag that I've read the whole manuscript? Oh, did I just brag that I read the whole manuscript?

    I'm going to post part of my mg on Monday. :)

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Ooo! I can brag too! :)

    Cool idea.(and great excerpt of course)I might put up some of Cat next week.

  5. Sharon and Miriam, you guys get extra big thanks for reading the whole ms!!! Looking forward to your posts next week!

  6. I get to brag, too! I'm thinking about posting a snippet as well - I just have to find the right one. I love this snippet, very mysterious.

  7. Thanks Susan! I hope you post a snippet of Kessler so I can brag too. :)

  8. Amy, very intriguing! A book in an Altoid tin? Can't wait to read more of this one...

    I'm motivated to post a snippet from my finished manuscript, now. I'll do that next Monday :).

  9. Thanks hemapen! I'll check out your blog and look for your snippet! :) Thanks for stopping by!

  10. *looks at the calendar*

    I want it NOW!

  11. Yay Miriam!

    Yunaleska, I just need someone to buy it!