Monday, July 13, 2009

Final 24 Hours!

The Pirate Store -- 826 Valencia
Yay!! Thanks so much to all my new followers! And thanks to Tess and anyone else who's posted a link to my blog! We're up to about $35 in donations.

We still have 24-hours before the Thon-a-Rama closes. Tell your writer friends! It would be great if we could reach $100!!

Anyone who doesn't have a blog to link, can still participate! Just leave a comment by clicking below and posting your name and favorite flavor of jelly. If you're a livejournaler, you can friend my livejournal page instead: HERE.

I swung by 826 Valencia while I was in San Francisco this weekend (photo above). The pirate store was just as fun and funny as ever. As I stood reading the top ten pracitical jokes to play on pirates (5. Switch his monkey with one that pinches), a trap door above me opened and five mop heads fell on my head. Everyone in the store clapped. It was the second time I've been mopped, so luckily I didn't scream. :)

I also peeked into the back room, where all the wonderful writing happens. A few teenagers were hustling around, possibly setting up for a workshop.

It was great to see the space, and imagine it full of kids writing and talking, laughing and sharing their work. We don't have anything like 826 Valencia in Boise, but I wish we did.

Support 826 Valencia and give kids who WANT to write the opportunity. All it takes is a click.


  1. What an awesome idea! I wish we had something like that where I lived too.

  2. L.T. -- I know, wouldn't it be great? I wonder how hard it would be to set something up...even if it's just a summer camp / workshop type thing. I'm sure some folks in my critique group would be willing to help.